Qualities of our Members

In our new members, we look for people who:

  • Are emotionally mature and value sustaining relationships
  • Desire to prioritize time for community, including time for meals, meetings, chores, hospitality duties, and hanging out
  • Are flexible, and conscious of cross-cultural and inter-generational issues
  • Are committed to practicing open communication with others
  • Are enthusiastic about living in community
  • Are friendly
  • Are willing to accept a vegetarian diet for all shared food.

Action Steps

To become a member, you:

  • Visit the community for dinner, usually on a Sunday evening, and check each other out.
  • Submit the application form below, including a bio or personal statement (you can be creative here) so we get a flavor of your life.
  • Be interviewed by the community.
  • Provide references (former room-mates, community members, people who like you)
  • If offered a place in the community, negotiate a move-in date,
  • Move in!

Application Form

Fill out this application form when you are ready to apply for membership.