How Sophia Got its Name

Five of us crowd into a wooden booth at the Medici, the most popular hangout in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. It is mid-summer, and the ceiling fans are circling. The place is loud with table talk, waitresses shouting orders to the kitchen, food spitting on the grill. We’ll smell of onions and cigarette smoke for […]

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Hippie Land

“What kind of free-lovin’, room-sharing, twig-eating, communal-living, HIPPIE cult is this?,” I asked my Best Friend Iccha as she valiantly tried to describe to me her new living arrangements. For some unimaginable reason, Iccha had decided to move out of her spacious South Shore condo to share a home with six other adults and three […]

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Retreat Fun Despite Pandemic
Group photo

Yusuf was coy about the content when he proposed a session on “educational stuff” during our retreat planning, but we were intrigued enough to put it on the schedule. It turned out to be a classroom “lesson” on Chicago’s single stream recycling system, complete with Powerpoint presentation, pre-test quiz, review of the rules and reasons […]

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