Our Community Covenant

To endure, a community needs both heart and structures. Interpersonal relations bind it together, and structures channel that energy in a positive direction. In the first ten years of our community, we faced a crisis. One of our members was obstructing, passively, our meetings and decision-making. One of the ways we attempted to improve the […]

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Kids in Community
Julia and Sophia in boat

We are the children who have lived in Sophia Community for the longest, in fact, for our whole lives. Julia was born in Quaker House in 2001, and Sophia was born just down the hall in 2008. Our parents are Lisa and Don, who made the decision to raise us in community.  We love living […]

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The Flavor of Our Life Together
backyard meal

What is it like to live in Sophia Community, on a day-to-day basis? What is the rhythm and flavor of our life together? On Sundays and Wednesday evenings, we eat together. We take it in turns to cook these community meals, with the cook determining the menu. We begin the meal with prayer, led by […]

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