Our Community Covenant

To endure, a community needs both heart and structures. Interpersonal relations bind it together, and structures channel that energy in a positive direction. In the first ten years of our community, we faced a crisis. One of our members was obstructing, passively, our meetings and decision-making. One of the ways we attempted to improve the […]

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Origin Story

Four young women who had all spent a year doing volunteer work in inner-city Chicago neighborhoods and living with Catholic Sisters founded Sophia Community in 1993. Inspired by the Sisters’ lifestyle, they created their own form of community life. The women at the center of this story are Kris Funk, Kathy Lenney, Elise O’Connell and […]

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Retreat Fun Despite Pandemic
Group photo

Yusuf was coy about the content when he proposed a session on “educational stuff” during our retreat planning, but we were intrigued enough to put it on the schedule. It turned out to be a classroom “lesson” on Chicago’s single stream recycling system, complete with Powerpoint presentation, pre-test quiz, review of the rules and reasons […]

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