Retreats are Priceless
Group photo

Retreats are one of the major bonding activities our community engages in. They are a time for fun, spontaneity, long meals, walks along the beach, and deliberate consideration of issues facing the community. Lisa has gone away twice a year for almost 25 years for our weekend retreats, and she still finds them enjoyable and […]

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Kids in Community

We are the children who have lived in Sophia Community for the longest, in fact, for our whole lives. Julia was born in Quaker House in 2001, and Sophia was born just down the hall in 2008. Our parents are Lisa and Don, who made the decision to raise us in community.  We love living […]

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Recruitment Time

It’s recruitment time again. At our April retreat, two members announced that they would be leaving over the summer. While some community members stay for a long time, our median stay is only two years. There have been very few years in our 25 year history when at least one person has not moved out. […]

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